“21st Century Schools” Baltimore City Public Schools Initiative

Across Baltimore, kids and parents are preparing for the brand-new school year that is set to start September 4th. But that isn’t the only exciting thing to happen in the city school system this summer. As of late July, Baltimore City Schools has broken ground on 5 new school renovations, expansions, or constructions as a part of the “21st Century Schools” initiative. These school include:

  • Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary School
  • Arlington Elementary/Middle School
  • Bay-Brook Elementary/Middle
  • John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle
  • Arlington Elementary/Middle

All these schools are set to be completely done by the year 2020. All these efforts come just under a year after the unveiling of the newly constructed Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School that CCG participated in. This project featured a brand-new, state-of-the art, CCG-installed and programmed security system. Which included technology like motion sensors and keypads to ensure the protection of all students and faculty in the school. CCG techs, Tom Bowen, Josh Jones, and Ben Libertini also installed Honeywell Vistakey Access Control modules. One of the most interesting aspects of the security system is the cameras used: Interlogix TVD-3103 TruVision cameras. They cameras come fully outfitted with features like, motion detection and privacy masking, all while providing a high-resolution live stream video for users.

CCG has also submitted a bid to be a part of the John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School project. If awarded, the contract would include a variety of work, from the school’s security and intercom system to the general telecommunications for the school. We hope to be able to continue our relationship with the Baltimore City Public school system as it continues its efforts to create better school environments for the children of Baltimore.