CCG Installs Security Equipment at Westside Men’s Shelter, Catonsville



Over the summer, Caton Communications Group took part in the creation of the new Westside Men’s Shelter over in Catonsville. This new shelter is fitted to house the homeless who are in need, having many rooms to lodge 154 men according to a county release, while also having facilities such as a laundry room, computer lab, a medical office, and more.

CCG was responsible for installing CCTV and Security equipment around the interior and exterior of the building. Cameras were set up by the main entrance and within the shelter’s main facilities to monitor for any possible problems, keeping the building safe for those housed within. A PA system was also developed in the building, requiring the installation of multiple indoor speakers within the interior.


You can read more about the Westside Men’s Shelter on the Baltimore Sun’s Website.





Credit to Steve Ruark for the pictures, as seen on the Baltimore Sun Media Group Photos.