Rapid Need For Technological Enhancements in Stadiums requires State of the Art Cabling which is one of Caton Communications Group’s Special Areas of Expertise

Google to provide core technologies for LA Rams, Chargers and SoFi Stadium  - SportsPro Media
SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. Image derived from: https://www.sportspromedia.com/news/google-youtube-la-rams-chargers-sofi-stadium-nfl-sponsorship

With the Covid-19 pandemic winding down in the United States, many sports teams are trying to innovate the gameday experience for fans for years to come. More stadiums are starting to integrate smart technologies into there venues with hopes of attracting more fans and making the overall stadium experience better. Find out more in the post below.

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Out With The Old, In With The New: Fiber

From: A New Life for Old Fibers: Upgrading your fiber optic cable plant

As time goes on and innovation occurs the need to keep up with faster speeds, higher data transmissions, and more bandwidth is a must. Many networks around the world still rely on older types of fiber cabling. In this blog you can find out how upgrading isn’t that much of a hassle.

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The Long Term Success of CAT6A Cabling

Belden Cat 6a LAN Cable, Rs 14500 /meter Dhatri Networks | ID: 10842419055
From “Why your Cat6A has stood the test of time – and your mobile phone hasn’t.”

CAT6A has really stood the test of time. Ever since its creation in the early 2000’s as a reliable cable that had flexibility for speeds that some couldn’t even fathom at the time in the early 2000’s. This article from CommScope explores why CAT6A is a reliable choice for contractors and customers a like even after some 17 years since its creation. Check it out in the post below.

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Grillin’ & Cornholin’ at CCG

CCG Estimator Mark Truffer Cooking His World Famous Ribs.

On Friday June 4th, CCG held a cookout at its office to show appreciation to its employees. Check out the rest of the post to see more.

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CCG To The Rescue: 2020 Emergency Hospital Tent Jobs

Last year CCG worked at multiple hospital locations providing data lines for surrounding Mid-Atlantic medical facilities. Check out the blog post to learn more.

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CCG Supporting Coast to Coast Cycling for Hunger

May be an image of bicycle and text that says 'COAST TO O COAST CYCLING FOR HUNGER'

Recently CCG VP Ben Libertini sat down via Zoom with AJ Robinson, the Cycling for Hunger Founder to talk about what type of work CCG conducts and the challenges CCG had to face during the past year. Check out the interview in the post below.

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Congrats to Tom and Josh for Passing the BICSI Installer 2 Copper Exam!

CCG wants to extend a huge congratulations to both Josh Jones and Tom Bowen for passing the BICSI Installer 2 Copper Exam. Find out more about their hard work and what the certification means for CCG and you in the blog below.

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CCTV Tester - SecuriTEST IP - IDEAL Networks

Recently CCG received an all new IDEAL Securitest IP that is used to test Various CCTV systems. Check out more in the post below.

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CCG at Grace Bible Baptist Church

CCG recently did work at Grace Bible Baptist Church. View this blog to see more.

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Happy Birthday…. Caton Communications Group!

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