Haunting Cabling Photos!

Picture Derived from: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/3l2pzq/lack_of_cable_management_in_server_room_at_local/

In this weeks blog you will see the worst of the worst cabling jobs that we have seen over the past year. Warning, some of these photos will make a cable technician queasy. Stay tuned at the end you can vote for the worst!

Picture 1

Our first image starts out with a rack being held up with rope. I pray that this rope can hold out for a good amount of time. Pairing this with data cables being thrown around, this is not a good combo. But just wait it gets worse.

Picture 2

This next rack starts off good. But it looks like someone just got really lazy as they moved down the rack. Wires laying everywhere which you most likely can’t trace.

Now this is just a little weird. I do not know what came first, the toilet or the rack, but someone really had a lapse of judgement when planning this out. This is a major hazard with the toilet and the electricity but wires are just dangling as they please.

Picture 4

Another bad job with a few bright spots within it. Some of the yellow cable is dressed in an ok fashion towards the top right. But that seems to be the only thing going good. I feel for the person who has to get up in the ceiling and work with those wires.

Picture 5

Words can’t describe how horrifying this is. First the cable looks like it was just thrown there. Mix that with the foam which now covers some of the cabling, good luck finding out what cable goes to what.

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