Rapid Need For Technological Enhancements in Stadiums requires State of the Art Cabling which is one of Caton Communications Group’s Special Areas of Expertise

Google to provide core technologies for LA Rams, Chargers and SoFi Stadium  - SportsPro Media
SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. Image derived from: https://www.sportspromedia.com/news/google-youtube-la-rams-chargers-sofi-stadium-nfl-sponsorship

With the Covid-19 pandemic winding down in the United States, many sports teams are trying to innovate the gameday experience for fans for years to come. More stadiums are starting to integrate smart technologies into there venues with hopes of attracting more fans and making the overall stadium experience better. Find out more in the post below.

Are thermal imaging cameras a useful prevention against Covid-19?
Image Derived From: https://easypsim.com/2021/02/01/how-useful-are-thermal-cameras-to-protect-from-covid-19-infection/

As sporting events go back to normal and fans begin to come back to see there favorite sports team the risk of COVID-19 is still prevalent but many stadiums are installing Thermal-Imaging Camera’s to detect a persons temperature to see if they are safe to enter a stadium. This is just one of many smart technology solutions that stadiums are integrating to ensure a safe experience at the game.

Allegiant Stadium | Las Vegas Raiders | McCarthy Building
Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas, NV. Image Derived From: https://www.mccarthy.com/projects/allegiant-stadium

With more stadiums being built around the US many teams are turning to companies like CommScope to provide integrated cabling. CommScope was brought in to install 227 miles of fiber and 284 miles of CAT6A cabling into Allegiant Stadium, this is almost 2 times the length of the Grand Canyon. This amount of cabling is needed for the many 4k video boards, multimedia screens, and WiFi access points in the stadium.

With 5G being all around us many fans expect this to be implemented within stadiums. People are not just there to see the game, they also come to share photos and videos from it. They also want to be able to use mobile apps to order food, gear, even buying tickets. Networks need to be flexible for people of any capacities large or small.

You can see technological enhancements locally at Oriole Park and M&T Bank stadium where renovations around the stadium continue to make it one of the best football stadiums in the country. From 2013-2015 a total of $45 million was spent to upgrade the LED Displays and Wi-Fi capabilities around the stadium. They have also spent the past decade upgrading there stadium with new LED panels, a permanent sky cam, new production facilities within the stadium, and much more. Not too far across the street at Oriole Park, not too long after a massive concert performed by Billy Joel, officials have been discussing ways to upgrading the technology in the stadium. This includes having public Wi-Fi across the stadium for people to access.

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