CCG Installs Cable & Equipment at Barclay Elementary/Middle School


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Recently, John Hopkins University’s Whiting School of Engineering has provided a 10 year investment of $5 million towards Barclay Elementary/Middle in Baltimore for their brand new engineering and computer science courses that they will be providing for their students. Barclay will be the first pre-kindergarten through eight grade city school to offer such courses, and overall these advancements will support Barclay’s existing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs.

Inside the school, an engineering and science laboratory room was developed to help enhance the student’s learning experience. Caton Communications Group was employed to furnish, install, and relocate various data/telephone cable connections, AV systems, and projectors throughout the school’s lab. With CCG’s help, the Barclay Elementary/Middle Engineering and Science lab was fully equipped with everything required to provide a safe, educational, and technological learning environment for the students to work in.


Read more about the opening and development of the Barclay Engineering Lab on the Baltimore Sun’s website.

Photo and article credit to Erica L.