Delia Foley’s Pub


As bar co-owners Andrew Carter and Jesse Selke prepare for the exciting opening of their new bar “AJ’s”, CCG made important changes to their existing CCTV system at this new location and at their current bar location, Delia Foley’s. Now more secure than ever, their system at Delia Foley’s features newly CCG-installed bullet cameras that come equipped with:

  • Capability to capture video and a wide variety of light
  • Innovative EXIR technology
  • and much more

The brain of the CCTV operation at AJ’s, the NVR or network video recorder, is a brand-new DS-7200HGHI-SH Series, TurboHD/Hybrid DVR. This recorder comes fully capable with:

  • high resolution real-time recording
  • and a mobile, user-friendly viewing interface via the HIKVISION mobile app.

In the future, we expect to install and upgrade equipment at both locations, as the co-owners see just how powerful, innovative, and efficient these systems are.  For more information on new HIKVISION equipment we install visit