CCG at Berkshire Elementary School

CCG took on a new project at Berkshire Elementary School. Found out more in the blog post below.

Back in 2020 CCG techs began work for the new Berkshire Elementary School building in Dundalk, MD. Techs took on many different tasks to make sure Berkshire is the best it could be. Some of the systems designed and installed were Access Control, Security, Sound Systems, Public Safety Equipment, and a massive Video Surveillance System. In addition, CCG installed the cabling required for the above systems.

Here are some pictures of the magnificent cabling done by CCG techs.

CCG tech Josiah Harmon patching in cable onto a cable rack.

CCG techs Shomari Cromwell and Josiah Harmon working with fiber pigtails.

CCG techs Shomari Cromwell and Thomas Bowen patching in cable.