CCTV Tester - SecuriTEST IP - IDEAL Networks

Recently CCG received an all new IDEAL Securitest IP that is used to test Various CCTV systems. Check out more in the post below.

In the beginning of February CCG received a brand new Securitest IP from IDEAL Industries. This new tester gives CCG the capability to power, configure, and document cameras all on this single device. The tester can be used with IP, HD Coax, and analog CCTV systems. This tester will save time onsite for CCG and save the customer money.

A close up of the New Securitest IP tester.

Some specifications of this magnificent tester include a 7″ touchscreen, 1920×1200 High Resolution Display, up to 10 hours of continuous battery usage, a built in power supply that can power cameras, an audio jack, and a RJ45 jack to test data cable. The amount of features that Ideal has packed into this device is astounding. We look forward to using this in the field when it is time to do so!

CCG Techs Josiah Harmon and Josh Jones use the Securitest IP tester to configure cameras.

Check out Ideal’s website to learn more: