Our Piggybacking Strategy Works In Your Favor

2230196“Multi-Agency Procurement” or Piggybacking is a term commonly used to define the use of and sharing of specific terms and conditions of pre-approved State Contracts within the state of Maryland. Please take a moment to view our FAQ’s and learn more about the legitimate, common and worthwhile business practice of Piggybacking. Find out how this strategy can work for you with CCG on your team.


Question: What is “Piggybacking”?

Answer: “Piggybacking” is a common expression used to define the practice of sharing the terms and conditions of Pre-approved State Contracts within the state of Maryland.

Piggybacking is also called “Multi-Agency Procurement”.

Question: Is “Piggybacking” a legal practice?

Answer: Yes, Piggybacking is a legal practice. As a matter of fact, not only is piggybacking a legal practice but it is also common practice among local state government agencies.

Question: Is there something in writing that would confirm the fact that “Piggybacking” is a legal practice?

Answer: Yes. The following verbiage was taken directly from Baltimore County Public Schools Contract #PCR-272-13 “Specifications and Proposals, Part I: Supplementary General Conditions – Pg 6” (see Attached Documentation – Section 4).


4.1 BCPS reserves the right to extend the terms and conditions of this bid to any and all other agencies within the state of Maryland that require these commodities and/or services. A copy of the contract pricing and the bid requirements incorporated in this contract will be supplied to requesting agencies. This shall include private schools, parochial schools, and/or state, community, and private colleges located within the state of Maryland, as well as, other state agencies.

4.2 Each participating jurisdiction or agency shall enter into its own contract with the Award Bidder(s) and this contract shall be binding only upon the principals signing such an agreement. Invoices shall be submitted in duplicate “directly” to the ordering jurisdiction for each unit purchased. Disputes over the execution of any contract shall be the responsibility of the participating jurisdiction or agency that entered into that contract. Disputes must be resolved solely between the participating agency and the Award Bidder. BCPS does not assume any responsibility other than to obtain pricing for the specifications provided.

Question: Why should I bother with “Piggybacking”?

Answer: There are many reasons that an agency would consider Piggybacking.

1. It saves taxpayers money!

2. It saves time, energy and efforts better spent on other projects.

3. When you work with CATON COMMUNICATIONS GROUP, INC., you have the peace of mind and assurance that you will be hiring a company that has over 9 years of successful experience working in the Baltimore County Public School System.

4. Highly competitive and attractive pricing, pre-approved by BCPS. $33.00 per man hr

Question: I’m still not sure about all of this “Piggybacking” information. Who can I contact to discuss this in further detail?

Answer: You may contact any of the individuals listed below for further information:

Anne Arundel County Public Schools Contract 15SC-016 for Cabling Services 3 yr contract 2/12/15-2/12/18.  Lorraine Ziara-Denmark, CPPB, Buyer 410.222.5169  lziara-denmark@aacps.org

Anne Arundel County Public Schools Contract 14CN-058 Trade Contractors multi-year on call contract for Electrical (includes Fire Alarms) & PA Systems.
Nancy A.Smith CPPB, Buyer II 410-222-5163 Nasmith2@aacps.org

Baltimore County Public School Contract PCR-272-13 5 year on demand contract. 1/2013 thru 1/2018 Contracted Services: Video, Digital, and Audio Networking Installation and Repair. This contract can be used for most any Cat6 voice & data cabling jobs including Public Address & fiber optic cabling.
Jeffrey Miller Baltimore County Public Schools, Purchasing Department
410.887.4334 jmiller14@bcps.org
Anita Randall, BCPS Purchasing 410.887.4334, arandall@bcps.org

Baltimore County Public Schools Contract MWE-805-15 5 year demand contract 9/2019 thru 9/2024 Interior and Exterior Cabling, Installation, Maintenance, and Repair.
Melanie Webster, Purchasing Agent 410.887.4334, mwebster@bcps.org and
Patricia Onheiser, Purchasing/Contracting Assistant 410.887.4334, ponheiser@bcps.org

Baltimore County Government Contract B-612 10 year on demand contract. 3/2013 thru 3/2023 Data Cabling and Wiring. Term Contract.
Christine Carpenter, Staff Buyer, 410.887.3361, ccarpenter@baltimorecountymd.gov
Steve Myer Baltimore County Government, Purchasing   410-887-3884 smyer@co.ba.md.us

Carroll County Government Voice & Data cabling -RFP 49-F-1-15/16 Effective 2/22/16-2/28/17 with four (4) one-year options available.
Bobbi Savaliski 410.386.2053

Ed Libertini Caton Communications Group, Inc., Inc., President
410-247-5800 ed.libertini@ccgusa.net